Dinosaurs Died In flood

1. Why did the dinosaurs die?
A. Meteorite impact
B. Small mammals ate their eggs
C. They could not handle the environment
D. World-wide flood
2. The dinosaurs died in the flood
3. Could some of the dinosaurs survived the flood

The extinction of the dinosaurs has become a never-ending discussion among people. Scientists have fought for many years about the reasons and theories on how the dinosaurs disappeared. Some of the reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs are that they died in a meteorite impact, small mammals ate their eggs, a world-wide flood wiped them out. They could not cope with their environment, and they might have had slipped disks. There have been at least 55 theories that have been suggested and thrown out because of problems. Whenever a scientist comes up with a theory, he must be able to prove or explain how it happened. A theory that works for large animals usually does not work for the small animals or sea creatures. Scientists agree that whatever happened to the dinosaurs must have effected the whole world. When the birth rate fails to keep up with the death rate, we get extinction. Paleontologists divide extinction into two types: background extinction and mass extenuation. Background extinction is when isolated species disappear due to a variety of causes such as out competition, climate change, and depletion of their resources. Mass extinction is when large numbers of spices go extinct, when many types of spices go extinct, it effects the entire earth, and it all happened in a short time. Some scientists think the dinosaurs disappeared about 65 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. Biblical records show that the earth is about 5,000 years old. The timeline of how old people think the earth is and how old the Bible says it is are different. The latest theory suggests that the dinosaurs were killed by a meteorite impact, a collision like that would throw enough dust into the air to block out the sun and cause the temperature to drop. All animals and dinosaurs that are dependent on the sun and warm temperatures would probably die off. Some scientists believe that the meteorite that struck the earth would have caused the sun to be blocked out for three months, when the meteorite hit, it would cause a tremendous amount of heat to be released and might have caused the temperature to rise as much as 30 degrees centigrade for as long as 30 days, so much heat must have been released to cause fires to break out all over the world. A meteorite impact might have caused acid rain from all the hot water vapor and rock materials thrown up in the air by the impact. Scientists have found meteorite craters all over the world in different places, which might support the theory that the dinosaurs died in a meteorite impact. Volcanoes were active during this time and could have also killed the dinosaurs. Iridium is usually what makes up meteorites and volcanic eruptions. Scientists have found high levels of iridium in some layers of clay that might prove that a meteorite impact might have caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. The theory of a meteorite impact does not explain everything. There are some problems with the theory-like why did the dinosaurs only become extinct; why did it not wipe out all life on earth and should not have all the plants died because of the lack of sunlight. One scientist tried to re-enact the meteorite impact on his computer and found out that one meteorite could not have wiped out every kind of dinosaurs. Volcanic eruptions would have caused a lot of volcanic dust to be thrown into the atmosphere and caused the temperature to drop. It would cause the same effects as a meteorite impact.

Some other reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs are that little mammals ate all the dinosaur’s eggs. If little mammals ate all the dinosaur eggs, we should be able to find an animal with a dinosaur embryo in its mouth. To eat all the dinosaur’s eggs you would have to get throughout the mother dinosaurs who protect their eggs from predators and other animals much bigger and stronger than the little mammals.

Another theory is that the brain of the dinosaur eventually made them obsolete. Being overweight could have caused them to get slipped disks in their spine and caused them to become crippled, so they could not get their food and would die. That idea would not work because not all dinosaurs were overweight One theory suggests that a change in temperature could have caused them to go extinct. The temperature change could have caused some places to freeze and other places to turn into deserts. The dinosaurs adjust to the change in temperature so they died. Some people think that the dinosaurs became extinct because of bad luck and others think the dinosaurs became extinct because their time was up, and they need to be gone for man to come bought. This theory could not be true because scientists have found human skeletons on the same level as the dinosaur’s fossils. That must prove that they lived during the same time as the dinosaurs didScientists have suggested many theories on how the dinosaurs disappeared and only one of the theories could work, there was world-wide flood. The other theories never complete the process to the end and there is always parts of them that does not make sense. In Genesis 6-9, the Bible tells about a world-wide flood and how God destroyed every living on earth except those that were on the Ark or lived in the ocean. The Bible does not list every creature on the Ark. The Ark had plenty of room for all the animals including the dinosaurs. We do not know how many kinds of animals were alive during Noah’s day, but today there are less than 20,000 types of animals, not counting those that lived in the ocean. Noah’s Ark could hold 50,000 animals with room to spare, so God probably included the basic types of dinosaurs; young dinosaurs would be smaller and easier to care for. When God brought two animals of every kind into the Ark, the dinosaurs must have been included too. God did not bring full-grown animals into the Ark. After the flood, the temperature and climate changed and many parts of the world became harsh for the dinosaurs to live in, no longer did the earth have great forests. It was probably hard for the dinosaurs to find food to eat. The dinosaurs probably could not adjust to the climate changes so they died, but there was probably a few of the dinosaurs that survived. Quick flood burial would be the only way that so many dinosaurs and other things could have become fossilized in the way scientists have found them. Animals and plants will only fossilize if they are buried quickly before predators, decay and weather can destroy them. If the flood really happened, you should be able to find a number of key things: many cultural stories of the flood, thousand of feet of flood deposition sedimentary rock layers covering most of the earth’s, evidence of many creatures that have become extinct by a disaster, buried remains of all forms of life mixed up in sedimentary layers, and the discovery of skeletons at many different depths in the flood-produced rocks. If the flood obliterated everything on earth about 5,000 years ago, then it would stand to reason that the oldest records of civilization would go back that far. Advanced cultures on earth seemed to appear suddenly at about that time. Most ancient advanced cultures began without a trace of primitive generations leading up to them. The dinosaurs are not the only ones that died off since the flood. Great numbers of creatures have become extinct since then. Today one or more species of plant and animals may be lost every day, most of them caused by us. Scientists are still discovering unknown species every year. Man has often been responsible for killing the last animals of a kind. The mammoth and mastodons were wiped out by hunters. It could be that in ancient time’s people also killed dinosaurs for meat or because of problems these animals caused, or they could have killed them just for fun. Today, many animals are being saved by zoos. Dinosaurs became extinct before we cared about saving animals from extinction. As much as we know of the world today, there are many parts of the world that have never been explored. There are a few scientists who believe that there are probably some dinosaurs living today in the depths of the sea and in dense unexplored parts of the rain forest in Africa and South America. There are a lot of stories and different parts of the world about dinosaurs. Scientists agree that legends are usually based on fact, not just imagination. In the heart of Africa, the native pygmy’s tell of strange encounters with giant-like reptiles in modern times and in the Highlands of northern Scotland people have reported a gigantic swimming “beast.” From the biblical perspective, there is no reason why some of the dinosaurs could survive in the depths of the sea since the flood. There is some evidence that a few dinosaurs and great marine reptiles could still be alive, on the edge of extinction. In all parts of the world, ships have reports of giant animals like a Plesiosaurs and other types of creature like this.

In my research of the disappearance of the dinosaurs I found out that not all dinosaurs died in the flood and that the flood really happened. Some of the dinosaurs were taken on the Ark and after the flood was over some of them could not cope with the change in the climate so they died. Most of the theories could not fit together so they must not be true. Some parts of the theories could have happened but are not the main reasons for their extinction

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