Can the Corona Virus Become Part of the Past?

The whole world, including Pakistan, is in the grip of “coronavirus”. Widespread anxiety, frustration and fear of death are making people “mentally ill.” Now is not the time to discuss how the “Corona Virus” came to Pakistan from where and where. Nor does it need to be transmitted from animals to humans or is part of the Fifth Generation War. The prevalence of each country and nation may vary slightly depending on the customs and temperature of each other, but there are basically four things that can be done about the “corona virus”. Are the cause of the spread.

First; Shake hands or hug with the affected person. Second; Coronary Virus Patient’s sneezing or coughing particles Third: Communication with the person affected. Fourth: The coronavirus also spreads the virus by touching or using the patient’s consumables.

Corona virus disease was first identified in Wuhan, China, and it was named as Corona virus disease 2019 (COW-19). In this name of the disease, ‘Ko’ means ‘corona’, ‘V’ means ‘virus’ while ‘D’ means disease. Earlier, the disease was also called ‘2019 New Corona Virus’ or ‘2019 – Anne Ko’.

COWD-19 is a recently exposed virus belonging to the Corona virus family, which has been linked to the spread of the most common forms of respiratory illness (SARS) and common forms of nasal Zika. Symptoms include fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Depending on the severity of the disease, pneumonia and breathing may be very difficult. This disease can be fatal in rare cases.

The common symptoms of this disease are similar to cold or flu, which is a more common disease than Covad-19. Therefore, accurate diagnosis of the disease usually requires a test to confirm that the patient has actually been diagnosed with COV-19. It is important to keep in mind that the safety measures for nasal colds and COW-19 are the same. For example, taking care of the health of the hand wash and the breathing system repeatedly (by coughing and sneezing; turning your mouth or elbow with a tissue or handkerchief) and rubbing the used handkerchief or tissue into such trash. Which can be closed with the cap)

Being officially available for diagnosis of “coronavirus” in Pakistan is not so common and cheap that everyone can get the corona virus test. Examples of countries such as China, Italy, Iran and the United States, and the destruction of the Corona, are ahead of us. The need to pay tribute to the “practitioners” working in government guarding is minimal as they put the eyes of the coronavirus on the lives and lives of those who are in the throes of death and death. Treated whether or not they received protective equipment. That is why today the nation that called the “doctors” butcher today has declared his doctors and other paramedical staff a great tribute and national heroes. And it becomes their right.

Like in the world, in Pakistan “Alternative Medicine” therapists have offered their services to alleviate the suffering and diseases of the country while living in limited resources.
Ever since the “coronavirus” has begun to suppress humans in the form of a global outbreak, everyone is upset. Appears to be afraid and afraid. But a family of therapists whom the world knows and recognizes as homeopathy and wisdom. If the outbreaks of the past are mentioned here, then it goes the other way, but all I want to say is that when the Ultimate Native physicians want to save human beings from the “corona virus” catastrophe, the government of Pakistan will work for them. Want to take Homeopathic doctors and rulers are the “slots” I do with my heart. Because we all know that a “coronavirus” patient is only considered to have had a “coronavirus test positive”. It is possible to have a coronary test positive or negative only if someone is not sent to the sample lab. And the same patient sample is taken for the “Corona Test” when the patient cries The virus is suspected. And this suspicion arises when the patient develops a coronavirus symptom or finds evidence that a suspected coronavirus patient is sitting with a coronavirus patient.

There will also be many patients who do not go to a government hospital to avoid their coronary test due to fear and fear and choose “alternative therapists” for colds, flu or cough. Those whose immune system may be dynamic may be just fine.
If they recover, “Corona virus was not included in the list of patients.
Essential Requests! If the government wants the Corona virus to become a part of the past in Pakistan,
firstly, the awareness of Corona virus prevention should eliminate the fear of the Corona virus
. Corona test should be completely free from public and private labs.

Third. Use of qualified and registered homeopathic doctors.

Fourth: Encourage public and private practitioners and safety equipment to be free of charge.
Fifth. Physicians who voluntarily work against “coronavirus” where the government, including WHO and UNICEF, etc., assigns positions after “basic training” where appropriate. Doing so will make these “coronaviruses” like other pandemic viruses in the past,

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