27th August – 2 Moon Hoax

I wan to share about two moons fake news with u all muslims its really a rumor.

Why is it that when some information falls into hands of Muslims it gets twisted and turned and mixed and exaggerated and then propagated as facts without any basis or truth or verification..

The 2 Moon phenomenon which is suppose to happen tomorrow night, which i exposed here – that it was nothing but a huge misunderstanding and twisting of facts has taken a new turn as it was fwed from Muslim to Muslims and i was recently asked to verify the following event.

The last sign of Qayamat (Day of Judegement) is that there will be two moons in the sky and BBC has predicted that on 27th Aug,07 there will be two moons in the sky and this is time when Imam Mehdi will arrive. It is in the Quran that after this last sign, the repentance will not be accepted

Sadly great “Lies” have been attributed to ALLAH. The last sign of Qayamat is NOT 2 Moons. There never is any such sign. This “sign” has just recently been concocted to sensationalize the event which will never happen.. just to scare people.The real last sign of the Day of Judegement is that Sun will rise from west on Earth, which, believe it or has another hoax attached to it.

It seems that this 2 Moon hoax got mixed up with this last sign of qayamat hoax which i wrote about here which said that sun will rise from west on mars and therefore sun will rise from west on earth too. So people twisted the phenomenon of retrograde to prove this hadith.

It is shameful that we muslims twist FACTS of Science to prove something..

This also sadly shows the ignorance of Muslims that what ever is propagated is readily accepted by them as facts and as their religion and then propagated futher! How pathetic and how shameful.

The ignorant Muslims are applying the same strategy to their Ibadaat and blindly following each other, without any verification or own research.

We should all make dua to ALLAH to show us the Truth as Truth. This one of my favourite duas..

“Oh ALLAH! Shows us the truth (As) Truth and give us the Ability to follow it And shows us the falsehood (as) Falsehood and give us the abilitiy to Avoid it.”

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